Xiaohui Yuan (Director)
Dept. of Comp. Sci. and Eng., Univ. of North Texas
3940 N. Elm
Denton, TX 76207-7102
   Longbo Kong, (2014-2017 expected), Automatic Human Pose Characterization from Depth Images (tentative)
   Chengyuan Zhuang, (2016-), Deep Learning for Object Detection and Recognition (tentative)
   Amar Man Maharjan, (2016-), Depth video based Precise Human Action Tracking (tentative)
   Zhinan Qiao, (2017-), Urban Land Use Classification (tentative)
   Siyuan Liu, (2017-), Feature Learning from Big Data (tentative)
   Abdullah Al Faysal, (2017-), TBD
M.S. (thesis)
   Harish Kumar Thirunagari, (2017- ), Land Cover Classification
   Mohammad Almoayyad, (2017- ), Human Movement Tracking
   Daniel Li (2017-)
Visiting Professors/Scholars:
   Shuai Yang, (2017-2019), Ph.D. Candidate
   Dr. Tian Chen, (2017-2018), Asso. Prof.
   Dr. Jinhai Xiang, (2017-2018), Asso. Prof.
   Dr. Hua Li, (2017-2018), Asso. Prof.

2017 Dr. Jianfang Shi, (2016 - 2017), Prof. & Chair
Dr. Zejun Zuo, (2016 - 2017), Asso. Prof.
Dr. Zhenchun Wei, (2016 - 2017), Asso. Prof. & Chair & Director
Dr. Lichuan Gu, (2016 - 2017), Prof. & Asso. Dean
Dr. Baofu Fang, (2016 - 2017), visiting professor
Dr. Linquan Yang, (2016 - 2017), visiting professor
Dr. Lin Feng, (2016 - 2017), visiting professor
2016 Siyuan Liu, MS, Learning from Small Data Set for Object Recognition in Mobile Platforms
Dr. Mohamed Elhoseny, (2014 - 2016), visiting scholar
Dr. Wencheng Wang, (2015 - 2016), visiting professor
Dr. Dengchao Feng, (2015 - 2016), visiting professor
2015 Deepankar Mohapatra, MS, Automatic Removal of Complex Shadows from Indoor Video , with Intuit, Plano, TX
Dr. Xiong Wei, (2014 - 2015), visiting professor
2014 Eslam Foad, (2014 - 2014), Dept. of CS, Mansoura University, Robust Binary Representation for Biometric Templates
2013 Mohamed Abouelenien, Ph.D., Boosting for Learning from Imbalanced, Multi-class Data Sets
Krunalkumar Patel, M.S.
Dongyu Ang, M.S., Rushworks, Dallas, TX
Mohan Velagaleti, M.S., Fidelity Investments, Dallas, TX
2012 Balathasan Giritharan, Ph.D., Incremental Learning from Large Data Sets, Monsanto
Sree Vani Vallabhaneni, M.S., with Ericsson
Vikram Vuppla, M.S., Sabre Co., Dallas, TX
Dr. Anusha Channamma, visiting scholar, Assi. Prof., Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Eng.
2011 Madhavi Gummadi, M.S., India
2010 Jarvie John Samuel, M.S., Elicitation of Protein-Protein Interactions From Biomedical Literature using Association Rule Discovery
2009    Vaibhav Sarma, M.S., Urban Surface Characterizatio nusing LiDAR and Aerial Imagery, MapFrame