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Date and Time (CDT) Date and Time (China) PID Author and Title
Aug. 14 7:15 PM CDT Aug. 15 8:15 AM CN 116 Qiang Lu, Chao Chen, Jinfeng Teng, Chunyuan Zhang, Yi Huang and Shanli Xuan
Multi-scale Graph Convolutional Neural Network for Object Recognition from Point Cloud Data
Aug. 14 7:30 PM CDT Aug. 15 8:30 AM CN 120 Juan Xu, Yang Zhao, Zhanfeng Xu and Yang Lu. 
Active balancing control method for time-delay rotor via LQR control
Aug. 14 7:45 PM CDT Aug. 15 8:45 AM CN 13 Zhinan Qiao and Xiaohui Yuan. 
Urban Scene Recognition via Deep Network IntegrationData
Aug. 14 8:00 PM CDT Aug. 15 9:00 AM CN 117 Abolfazl Meyarian, Xiaohui Yuan and Borna Rahnamay Farnod. 
A Task-Aware Network for Multi-task LearningData
Aug. 14 8:15 PM CDT Aug. 15 9:15 AM CN 4 Amar Maharjan and Xiaohui Yuan. 
Non-Rigid Point Set Registration by Enforcing Landmark Correspondence
Aug. 14 8:30 PM CDT Aug. 15 9:30 AM CN 12 Chengyuan Zhuang and Xiaohui Yuan. 
Boundary enhanced network for improved semantic segmentation
Aug. 14 8:45 PM CDT Aug. 15 9:45 AM CN 15 Jiancheng Li, Xuan Guo and Xiaohui Yuan. 
Semi-global Alignment of Range Videos
Aug. 15 7:30 AM CDT Aug. 15 8:30 PM CN 5 Ramya Sri Gadaley and Prakash Duraisamy. 
Classroom engagement evaluation using computer vision techniques by 180 view of the camera
Aug. 15 7:45 AM CDT Aug. 15 8:45 PM CN 122 Yuqi Fan, Guangming Shen, Xiaohui Yuan and Juan Xu. 
Semi-supervised Target Track Recognition Based on Few-labeled Radar Data with Outliers
Aug. 15 8:00 AM CDT Aug. 15 9:00 PM CN 14 Qiang Chen and Yingying Li. 
An EEMD-IVA Approach to Removing Muscle Artifacts From the Electroencephalogram
Aug. 15 8:15 AM CDT Aug. 15 9:15 PM CN 124 Yngying Li. 
Recent Advances of Generic Object Detection with Deep Learning: A Review
Aug. 15 8:30 AM CDT Aug. 15 9:30 PM CN 9 Jinqin Zhong, Yingying Li and Lichuan Gu
A robust local binary descriptor in rotation change using polar location
Aug. 15 8:45 AM CDT Aug. 15 9:45 PM CN 6 Chao Wang, Ning Sun, Jiajun Zhang, Yingchun Xia and Lichuan Gu. 
Label distribution learning-based semantic retrieval model on knowledge graph
Aug. 15 9:00 AM CDT Aug. 15 10 PM CN 8 Chao Wang, Hui Wang, Caifeng Ye, Jiale Gao, Fei Li and Lichuan Gu. 
Sentiment Analysis of Chinese Agricultural News Based on JST Model
Aug. 15 7:00 PM CDT Aug. 16 8:00 AM CN 10 Zihao Zhao, Jian Li, Xianzhang Shi, Jiale Gao, Chao Wang and Lichuan Gu. 
Research on Agricultural Products Risk Assessment Model Based on Enhanced RNN
Aug. 15 7:15 PM CDT Aug. 16 8:15 AM CN 11 Lichuan Gu, Fei Li, Caifeng Ye, Hui Wang, Chao Wang, Jun Jiao and Nengfeng Zou. 
Research on Recommendation Algorithm based on Attention Degree and Entropy
Aug. 15 7:30 PM CDT Aug. 16 8:30 AM CN 22 Jieyun Zheng. 
Planning and Design of Distributed Power Grid Based on Weed Algorithm
Aug. 15 7:45 PM CDT Aug. 16 8:45 AM CN 25 Mingsheng Huang. 
Simulation of Ship Path Prediction and Remote Control based on UE4 Next Generation Rendering
Aug. 15 8:00 PM CDT Aug. 16 9:00 AM CN 26 Wenhua Zhang. 
Application Research of RFID Information in Internet of Things Era
Aug. 15 8:15 PM CDT Aug. 16 9:15 AM CN 28 Hanxin Chen. 
Model-based Intelligent Non-linear Signal Recognition for Gearbox Condition Monitoring
Aug. 15 8:30 PM CDT Aug. 16 9:30 AM CN 30 Ke Zhao. 
Analysis of Investment Risk Assessment Model of Financial Institutions under Economic Growth
Aug. 15 8:45 PM CDT Aug. 16 9:45 AM CN 45 Honghai Wang. 
Data Mining Technology in Detection and Identification of Bad Data in Power System
Aug. 16 7:30 AM CDT Aug. 16 8:30 PM CN 55 Yitong Li. 
Brain Tumor Segmentation Algorithm Based on Attention Mechanism and Hybrid Cascaded Network
Aug. 16 7:45 AM CDT Aug. 16 8:45 PM CN 71 Jingliang Wang. 
Environmental Monitoring of Communication Base Station Based on Zigbee
Aug. 16 8:00 AM CDT Aug. 16 9:00 PM CN 106 Liting Shi. 
Highway Network Traffic Survey Point Layout Planning Method Based on Machine Learning-optimization Hybrid Algorithm
Aug. 16 8:15 AM CDT Aug. 16 9:15 PM CN 108 Lingchen Liu. 
Measurement and Empirical Analysis of Hangzhou Smart City Development Index
Aug. 16 8:30 AM CDT Aug. 16 9:30 PM CN 3 Ali Myrzatay and Leila Rzayeva. 
Aug. 16 8:45 AM CDT Aug. 16 9:45 PM CN 121 Yang Lin, Chuanwei Lin and Marco Trisciuoglio. 
A new framework of urban serious game to empower the smartness of citizens
Aug. 16 9:00 AM CDT Aug. 16 10:00 PM CN 123 Tai Song, Huaguo Liang, Tian Chen, Zhengfeng Huang and Ying Sun. 
Improving IC reliability Method for Smart City
Aug. 16 9:15 AM CDT Aug. 16 10:15 PM CN 119 Tian Chen, Hongfang Yin, Yu Gu, Fuji Ren and Beibei Luo. 
Multimodal emotion recognition of EEG and ECG based on DS theory