International Conference on Urban Intelligence and Applications, 
Wuhan, China, May 10 - 12, 2019
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May 10


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May 11


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Open ceremony


Keynote speech (Dr. Jinshan Tang and Dr. Peng Yue)




Session 1-1, 1-2, 1-3


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May 12


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Keynote speech (Dr. Sos Agaian)


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Session 1-1 Urban Sustainability I

Zhongxiang Fang, Wei Gao and Weiqi Chen.
Analysis of the Applicability of Social Media Data in Monitoring Urban Flood Hazard

Shuang Zhu, Xiangang Luo, Zhanya Xu and Hairong Zhang.
More frequent heavy rainfall? Analysis on changes of extreme precipitation by using nonlinear modelling framework

Xiangang Luo, Feikai Lin, Shuang Zhu, Zhanya Xu, Mengliang Yu and Lingsheng Meng.
A hybrid intelligent model based on random subspace and J48 decision tree for landslide susceptibility mapping in Qingchuan country, China

Md. Enamul Huq, Zhenfeng Shao, Akib Javed and Most. Sinthia Sarven.
Measuring vulnerability for city dwellers exposed to flood hazard: a case study of Dhaka city, Bangladesh

Session 1-2 Urban Sustainability II

Yafang Yu and Fang Fang.
Urban Land Use Classification using Street View Images based on Deep Transfer Network

Ning Li and Yaqin Ye.
Analysing of Spatial Interactive Network Based on Urban Community Division

Lu Qiang, Zhang Haibo, Xu Wenqiang, Li Jie and Yu Ye. 
ElectricVis:Visual Analysis System for Urban Power Supply Data

Session 1-3 Urban Management and Applications

Zhongjun Ma, Zhenchun Wei, Zhensheng Huang, Lin Feng, Zengwei Lyu and Fei Liu.
On-line prediction model of short-term traffic flow based on improved LS-SVM

Yongjun Qi, Junhua Gu, Zepei Tian, Dengchao Feng and Yingru Su.
Research on Low Altitude Object Detection Based on Deep Convolution Network

Zaijun Wang, Baofu Fang, Jinlin Zhu, Xiaoping Guo, Yunting Ma and Zifan Li.
Distributed Pursuit Task Allocation Algorithm Based on Robot's Self-awareness

Yuqi Fan, Tao Ouyang and Xiaohui Yuan.
Controller Placements for Improving Flow Set-up Reliability of Software-Defined Networks

Session 2-1 Image and Signal Processing I

Wencheng Wang.
An Airlight Estimation Method for Image Dehazing Based on Gray Projection

Shuai Yang, Xiuguo Liu, Xiaohui Yuan, Qihao Chen and Shengwu Tong.
A Unified Coherent-Incoherent Target Decomposition Method for Polarimetric SAR

Shuai Fang, Jinming Wang and Fengyun Cao.
Linear Unmixing of Hyperspectral Image Based on Constrained Nonnegative Matrix Factorization

Session 2-1 Image and Signal Processing II

Tian Chen, Sihang Ju, Fuji Ren, Mingyan Fan and Xin An.
Emotion recognition based on EEG signals using LIBSVM as the classifier

Yong Zeng, Wei Yi, Jianan Deng, Weirong Chen, Shenghao Xu, Shurong Huang and Dengchao Feng.
Remote Sensing Image Fusion Using Improved IHS and Non-subsampled Contourlet Transform

Tian Chen, Yongsheng Zuo, Xin An, and Fuji Ren.
A Multiple Compatible Compression Scheme Based on Tri-State Signal

Session 2-3 Natural Language Processing

Siqi Lin, Zhengtao Yu, Shengxiang Gao, Junjun Guo and Yulong Wang. Chinese-Vietnamese bilingual news unsupervised sentiment classification based on word-weighted JST algorithm

Huaqin Li, Jianyi Guo and Zhiju Zhang.
Entity Hyponymy Extraction of Complex Sentence Combining Bootstrapping and At-BiLSTM in Special Domain

Yingchun Xia, Lichuan Gu, Xiaohui Yuan, Qijuan Gao, Jun Jiao and Chao Wang.
Entity Linking Based on Topic Model and Graph

Xiaojun Liu, Lichuan Gu and Xianzhang Shi.
DC-BiLSTM with self-attention to Named Entity Recognition

Qingren Wang, Jinqin Zhong, Lichuan Gu and Victor Sheng.
Extracting Keyphrases from News Articles Using Crowdsourcing


Session 3-1 Smart City Applications

Yuqi Fan, Jinglin Zou, Siyu Liu, Qiran Yin, Xin Guan and Xiaohui Yuan.
A Thin Client Error-Correcting Data Storage Framework based on Blockchain

Xuyan Yu and Jianxia Liu.
A review of the application of deep learning in the classification of diabetic retinopathy

Fofana Nina Kadidiatou and Baolong Ma.
Research on Trade Cooperation Between China OBOR Initiative and Ivory Coast Agricultural Development

Dengchao Feng, Zhenmin Liu, Pengfei Du and Huiya Shen.
UAS traffic management in low-altitude airspace based on three-dimensional digital aerial corridor system

Session 3-2 Machine Learning and Applications

Jinjin Yan, Jianga Shang, Fuqiang Gu and Pan Chen.
Landmarks-based Accuracy Measurement for Indoor Pedestrian Localization Using Smartphones

Zhanlong Chen, Xiaochuan Ma, Liang Wu and Zhong Xie.
An Intuitionistic fuzzy similarity approach for spatial clustering analysis

Sowmya K.N, H. R. Chennamma, H.T Basavaraju, B.H Lohitashva and V.N Manjunath Aradhya.
Similarity Analysis of Residual Frames for Inter Frame Forgery Detection in Video

Fuqiang Gu, Milad Ramezani, Kourosh Khoshelham, Xiaoping Zheng, Ruqin Zhou and Jianga Shang.
Fast and Reliable WiFi Fingerprint Collection for Indoor Localization